Terms and conditions

I. Introductory provisions

These Terms and conditions for use of web service www.transferline.eu (hereinafter referred to only as “Terms and conditions“) govern legal relationships between Operator, User and Supplier of the service, as well as their right and obligations arising from using Operator’s service on the web www.transferline.eu.

II. Definitions

Operator – company Asistour Travel Agency s.r.o. (registered address: Jateční 2121/6, 360 01 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, reg. No. 19385285, registered in Court in Plzen, entry C 43865), providing booking of transport services available at www.transferline.eu.

Service - the internet service www.transferline.eu owned by Operator, by means of which Users are enabled to order transport services.

User - a person who orders transport services by means of Service www.transferline.eu in accordance with these Terms and conditions.

Supplier – a carrier (an entrepreneur or a company) authorized to provide transport services, having all the necessary legal entitlements, licenses and other documents imposed by local authorities, which fulfills transport services based on Operator’s orders.

Contract on providing transport services – legal relationships between Supplier and User, in which Operator acted as an intermediary.

III. Acceptance of Terms and conditions

1. Any User, prior to starting to use the Service, is obliged to read thoroughly these Terms and conditions and express his/her consent with them. The consent can be expressed either by ticking the check-box “I agree with Terms and conditions” or by actual starting to use any of the services. If the User does not agree with the Terms and conditions, he/she must not use the services.

2. Operator is entitled to change at any time the contents of these Terms and conditions. User shall be notified about such changes.

IV. Conclusion of contract on providing transport services and its execution

1. Contract on providing transport services is concluded solely between Supplier and User.

2. Contract on providing transport services is considered to be concluded at the moment when the User confirms the order, submitted by means of Operator’s Service, and makes deposit be means of credit card via payment processor provided by this Service.

3. After order submission, the User shall receive the order confirmation onto the e-mail which he/she specified during the booking procedure. To avoid any misinterpretation, the parties declare that by ordering a specific service User expresses his/her consent with these Terms and conditions, unconditionally accepts all their provisions and undertakes to observe the rules stated by the Terms and conditions.

4. The transport service is considered to be properly provided, and the contract fulfilled, at the moment when the Supplier has carried out the transfer as stated in User’s order, or at the moment when the User has refused the transport service, or if the User or persons, for whom the transport service was ordered, did not appear at the time and the place stated in the order.

V. Prices, payment procedure and order cancellation

1. All the essential details of the contract, including price, date, time and place of beginning and ending of transfer, as well as the number of transported persons and desired vehicle type, shall be specified during creation and submission of the order by the User at Operator’s website and by final confirmation of the order by Operator on behalf of Supplier.

2. By paying the deposit amount on Operator’s website the User expresses his/her unconditional consent with all the conditions and the essential details of the order.

3. The minimum time limit for order submission is 24 hours before the transport service starts. For all time values which the Customer enters or sees while creating or processing orders on web-site www.transferline.eu, Central European Time zone (CET or UTC+1) is applied.

4. If the User cancels the order earlier than 24 hour before the service start, the Operator shall refund 100% of previously paid deposit amount. If the User cancels the order later than 24 hour before the service start, the Operator shall not refund any previously made payments. The User can cancel the order by sending the cancellation request onto e-mail: info@transferline.eu.

5. A submitted order does not mean its automatic confirmation. The User may consider the order to be ultimately confirmed only after having received a confirmation by e-mail that the order has been assigned to and confirmed by a particular Supplier. For the period of time between the moment when the User submitted the order and when the order was ultimately confirmed, the amount of deposit is only blocked on User’s credit card. After the order has been confirmed by a Supplier, the deposited amount is withdrawn from User’s credit card. If the Supplier confirms the order with modifications (including price changes), the User is entitled to reject the suggested modifications and cancel the whole order, in this case the deposit amount shall be unblocked on User’s credit card.

VI. Disclaimer

1. The User declares that he/she accepts the fact, that the Operator does not provide any warranty regarding the transport services carried out by Suppliers, and that thus providing of the services may bring certain risks, which User accepts along with obligation to undertake all possible measures in order to avoid or limit possible occurrence of any losses or other negative impacts on User’s side related to services usage.

2. Operator shall not bear any responsibility for fulfillment of the contract on providing of transport services between User and Supplier.

3. Operator shall not bear any responsibility for any loss or harm, direct or indirect, which may occur to User or Supplier in relation with provided transport services.

4. Operator gathers and stores personal data entered by User by means of electronic data storage devices in secured database. Operator protects personal data in the highest possible measure by means of modern technologies, as enabled by the level of technical development. Operator declares that he has undertaken all the possible (i.e. known to him) measures in order to protect the data from unauthorized interventions of third parties. However, Operator shall not bear any responsibility for any possible unauthorized interventions of third parties, due to which third parties may get unauthorized access to personal data of particular users, and/or to their personal user accounts, and/or to Operator’s corresponding database, which may consequently result in unauthorized use, application, abuse or making the data available to third parties. User declares that he/she is aware of the risks arising from the above mentioned unauthorized interventions of third parties.

5. Operator reserves the right to cancel any order, even a confirmed one, at his own discretion without giving any reason. In this case all the previously deposit amount (if were paid) shall be refunded onto User’s credit card.

6. Operator shall not bear any responsibility for any loss or harm, direct or indirect, which may occur to User or Supplier, if the User provides wrong contact details or any other information which may affect fulfilment of the transport order (e.g. date, time, start or end point of the transfer, number of passengers, whether there are children among passenger, etc.)

VII. Claims

1. The User may send any reasonable claims regarding the quality of transport services within 2 days after the end of the service onto e-mail: info@ transferline.eu. The claim should contain detailed description of the problem and the specification of the Supplier (Carrier). Operator shall process teh claim within max. 30 days. All claims shall be resolved in accordance with legislation of the Czech Republic.

VIII. Concluding provisions

1. These Terms and conditions, as well as all legal relationships arising or which may arise in future between Operator and User in connection with the services, are governed by the Law of Czech Republic.

2. Any disputes arising from these Terms and conditions or in connection with them, or those which may arise in connection with services, shall be resolved in ordinary courts of Czech Republic as civil proceedings, with ultimate validity of court decision.

3. Should any of the provisions of these Terms and conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable, either completely or partially, such provision can be completely separated from other provisions of these Terms and conditions, and invalidity and unenforceability of such provisions shall not affect validity and enforceability of other provisions of these Terms and conditions. In this case Operator shall substitute such invalid or unenforceable provision by another one, which shall as much as possible correspond to the essence of the initial provision.

4. The current version of Terms and conditions comes into effect on 01.06.2017

5. With coming into effect of the latest version of Terms and conditions, all the versions with earlier date of effectiveness become automatically invalid.